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New Website Launched 01.11.2014

OzHammer has moved on the 1st November 2014. We have updated the website and made it more user friendly. Please come on visit the new site and let us know what you think on

http://ozhammer.co.uk/ for all your Warhammer needs

We still reposnd to any emails sent to our contact email address and the contact us button on this website.

UK prices for all!

UK high street prices for Australia and New Zealand

OzHammer provides the Australian and New Zealand markets with Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings products at UK high street prices. These are significantly cheaper than those in Australia and New Zealand. Typical savings of 30% are achievable on delivered goods. Shipping rates from as little as £5.40

Our company does NOT have a trade agreement with Games Workshop and it is therefore not bound by any trade conditions of supply into the southern hemisphere.

So how do I order?

Pick the items you require from the stock sheets on the left hand sidebar.

Email the list to ozhammer40K@gmail.com or use the contact us button!

We will promptly return an invoice for your payment.

All payments go through Paypal so make sure your address is correct. We ship twice weekly. It takes about a week to collate your order then it is shipped. We let you know what is happening at each order step of your order.

The items I am looking for are not on your stock sheets

Drop us an email to ozhammer40k@gmail.com or use the contact us button and ask away. We deal mainly in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K but are able to get you almost anything for the hobby of table top war gaming. Some games workshop products are direct order only and are not on our stock sheets. We have smaller margins and greater administration on these items. We can ship these at UK RRP + 20%. We are always happy to check for you or give you a quote. So ask away!

An example of savings

Example One

Battleforces and Battalions. We sell a lot of these. Check our our blog for a summary on what is contained in each.

The Battleforces and Battalions range from UK RRP £60 to £80. These sell for Au$ 155 - 180. At the current exchange rates these are equivalent to around £100 - £122. A saving of on average of £40. Battle force boxes weigh around the 1.5 KG mark. Some more some less. Postage costs of £11.36 by boat or £21.06 by air. 

Add in another hero or must have troop and the savings mount up. If you place an order it makes sense to add lighter items to your list as the extra postage costs is negligible. 


Example Two

Another saving example at August exchange rates (they keep improving). The exchange rate above Au$ 1.55 to £1 per July 2012 it is now (Start of August 2012 Au$ 1.48 to £1)

Two Space Marine Terminator squads at UK RRP £56.00 (Au$83.14). Games Workshop Australian RRP Au$148 (£99.69). A difference of £43.69 or Au$ 64.86. Postage airmail of £14.66 for 1 KG expected delivery 5 days (we have options for surface mail for greater savings too!)

A saving of £29.03 or Au$ 43.10. A whooping 29% saving and delivered to your door! Why pay more ?